Accepted Papers

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Katarzyna Macieszczak, Kay Brandner, and Juan P. Garrahan
Accepted 31 August 2018
Generation of a lattice of spin-orbit beams via coherent averaging
D. Sarenac, D. G. Cory, J. Nsofini, I. Hincks, P. Miguel, M. Arif, Charles W. Clark, M. G. Huber, and D. A. Pushin
Accepted 31 August 2018
Time-dependent multicomponent density functional theory for coupled electron-positron dynamics
Yasumitsu Suzuki, Satoshi Hagiwara, and Kazuyuki Watanabe
Accepted 31 August 2018
Observation of Higgs boson decay to bottom quarks
A. M. Sirunyan et al.
Accepted 31 August 2018
Quantum spin dynamics in a normal Bose gas with spin-orbit coupling
Wai Ho Tang and Shizhong Zhang
Accepted 31 August 2018
Subcycle terahertz nonlinear optics
Xin Chai, Xavier Ropagnol, S. Mohsen Raeis-Zadeh, Matthew Reid, Safieddin Safavi-Naeini, and Tsuneyuki Ozaki
Accepted 31 August 2018
Observation of a Goos-H\"anchen-like phase shift for magnetostatic spin waves
J. Stigloher, T. Taniguchi, H. S. Körner, M. Decker, T. Moriyama, T. Ono, and C. H. Back
Accepted 30 August 2018
Quantum spin dynamics of individual neutral impurities coupled to a Bose-Einstein condensate
Felix Schmidt, Daniel Mayer, Quentin Bouton, Daniel Adam, Tobias Lausch, Nicolas Spethmann, and Artur Widera
Accepted 30 August 2018
Crystallization in the fractional quantum Hall regime induced by Landau-level mixing
Jianyun Zhao, Yuhe Zhang, and J. K. Jain
Accepted 30 August 2018
Complexity growth rate in Lovelock gravity
Pablo A. Cano, Robie A. Hennigar, and Hugo Marrochio
Accepted 30 August 2018
Horizon hair of extremal black holes and measurements at null infinity
Y. Angelopoulos, S. Aretakis, and D. Gajic
Accepted 30 August 2018
Deterministic free-space source of single photons using Rydberg atoms
David Petrosyan and Klaus Mølmer
Accepted 30 August 2018
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Gonzalo Manzano, Francesco Plastina, and Roberta Zambrini
Accepted 30 August 2018
Crossover from the ultracold to the quasiclassical regime in state-selected photodissociation
S. S. Kondov, C. -H. Lee, M. McDonald, B. H. McGuyer, I. Majewska, R. Moszynski, and T. Zelevinsky
Accepted 30 August 2018
Polariton anomalous Hall effect in transition-metal dichalcogenides
Á. Gutiérrez-Rubio, L. Chirolli, L. Martín-Moreno, F. J. García-Vidal, and F. Guinea
Accepted 30 August 2018
N\'eel- and Bloch-type magnetic vortices in Rashba metals
Satoru Hayami and Yukitoshi Motome
Accepted 29 August 2018
Network model of the disordered phase in symmetric diblock copolymer melts
Mridul Yadav, Frank S. Bates, and David C. Morse
Accepted 29 August 2018
Recombination of protons accelerated by a high intensity high contrast laser
Sheroy Tata, Angana Mondal, Soubhik Sarkar, Jagannath Jha, Yash Ved, Amit D. Lad, James Colgan, John Pasley, and M. Krishnamurthy
Accepted 29 August 2018
Quantum-limited atomic receiver in the electrically small regime
Kevin C. Cox, David H. Meyer, Fredrik K. Fatemi, and Paul D. Kunz
Accepted 29 August 2018
Transport spectroscopy of sublattice-resolved resonant scattering in hydrogen-doped bilayer graphene
Jyoti Katoch, Tiancong Zhu, Denis Kochan, Simranjeet Singh, Jaroslav Fabian, and Roland K. Kawakami
Accepted 29 August 2018
Particles on demand for kinetic theory
B. Dorschner, F. Bösch, and I. V. Karlin
Accepted 29 August 2018

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